Shakespeare’s Pizza fundraiser

by Luke on March 24, 2017

If you are headed to SharpTop Cove this summer and need to raise some funds or just looking for some delicious, local pizza listen up…

Young Life Columbia is teaming up with Shakespeare’s Pizza and selling frozen pizzas.  They are available in nine varieties: pepperoni, sausage (Italian style pork), veggie, double cheese, four cheese, Hawaiian, spinach and artichoke, Pizza Lover’s Passion (supreme), and Panda’s Pepper (pepperoni, pepperjack cheese, green peppers, and banana peppers). If you have never tried one, they taste very much like a Shakespeare’s pizza in the restaurant.  For each pizza you sell, you will get $6 towards your trip to SharpTop Cove.  So, for example, if you sell 20 pizzas, you would get $120.

Here’s how you can make some money for your trip to SharpTop Cove:

1. Pick up an order form at Club or download one HERE.

2. Sell pizzas! Pizzas are $12 each and $6 of that goes directly to your trip to SharpTop Cove.  Please collect money when you take the order.  Forms and money are due back on April 5th.  Checks made out to Young Life.

3. Deliver pizzas.  You will need to show up in person on Sunday, April 30th between 1:00 and 1:30pm  to Shakespeare’s SOUTH (Peach Tree location)  to pick up your pizzas.  They should be delivered or put into a freezer immediately.


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